Melvin Nunnery of Schollyme – BILLIONAIRE investor entrepreneur.

Melvin Nunnery, entrepreneur and athletic guru, established himself as a top athlete more than twenty years ago. Nunnery first got started in high school, excelling in football, basketball, baseball and wrestling. He continued on to Moorpark College, where he was elected as co-captain with Jamal Anderson (NFL Atlanta Falcon’s football star), as well as being chosen to represent his school in various higher-level sports teams. Nunnery displayed skills in high school that caught the attention of USC, where he received a scholarship to continue his athletic career, focusing on football.

Melvin Nunnery

After college, Nunnery’s business savvy and talent as an entrepreneur led him to start several businesses, each one a greater success than the previous. This inspired Nunnery to accomplish his next goals. Trusted by many companies in the athletic industry and in the Los Angeles area, Nunnery’s aptitude for business and great attitude have won him several high-profile clients, contacts, and friends. He has been able to create an impressive network of people to help him reach his goals, which encourages Nunnery to continue to believe in teamwork above all. This way of thinking echoes his life philosophy: “I am, because we are.”

Today, Nunnery focuses on the myriad of investments, companies, and clients he is working with currently. He works with athletes to improve their sport of choice, as well as in plyometrics, to increase their endurance. He also works with boxing champions, football players, and youth basketball players from the Boys’ and Girls’ Club. In any endeavor, Nunnery has always gone above and beyond what needs to be done, improving the skills of his players and setting a new standard for the next generation of their team. Nunnery’s next big project is sure to be yet another victory.

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